well I started from today a new form for my kalender its easyer for me to fix and I hope you will find it easy to use.everyting is still there just klick the arrows and walk true all my years sense somewhere round 2000,,and enjoy the shiftings of the years go by,, so lets get started from here,,, klick the right arrow to go to the new kalenders first side, the left arrow to the last day I wrote something and the wolftrack to go to the old indexpage..so welcome to my new look

a caterpillar finding its slepingplace for the winter maybee it will be a nice butterfly when spring comes back

down under here you find some eatable muchrooms and som not eatable but still nice to look att at least some of them ;O)

stinksvampen inte så läcker precis,,,not very nice loocking huh

but theese red little family of nice looking muchrooms looks so good but they are not eatable

some eatable things I got from my garden and the woods

I sure love to climb up on the ravensmountain where the autumn coulors are lovley

my sweet boys are going with me upphills but they have to wait for me sometimes but its okay

well you can see the lake down there Styran is the name of it


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