last week gave some sun and great wiews and also a very stormy weather

me and my sweet boys had some luck in our walks ,we did go when sun was out and storm was resting

natuer makes theese works of art one must enjoy it

as they are melting down in mudd they shows one more beutiful side of going back to the mudd

I found a marchmonster to loooking at me like it would eat me bu I got avay alive ;O)))

at home I have theese tvo monsters lovingly and loving

my hens hade a day of horror the last week and all did hide ,my little kickens hide here in this hidingplace I made I still dont know who scared them that day

a pink and frosty morning some days ago

and today there came snow just enought to enjoy

lighten up the day

and I wount need to take the chowel out today ,,,,,,,,,,, not jet enyvay ;O))))

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