yesterday morning I came out and the first little kicken had came out

tvo more eggs are going to change so little piggelin-a vill have some friends

see sweet piggelin-a looking out curios about what is that BIG thing up above

mama Im a little hungri can you give me food ,,do like this my baby see how the kicken learns direktly

yeah I can stand in the food jippie...mummy just looks and enjoy the little one

may one can pic a little here to huh mumy

yes but the best food is here the big human gave it to us,,,,,, but mumy Im tired now

and then little piggelin-a went back under mummy

its a miracle to be able to se and follow the little ones

how they know everything from the very beginning

and the kikkamother she knows hove to do it

its amasing I do really love to be able to se and enjoy

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