a frosty day

ice is so nice one would like to be able to wer them as neckless


frosty and morningblue in the could day

my sweet gullefjun grovs to a big hen


the fox and I goes the same vays

my blackie seams to be a nice he I sure hope to be able to keep him sense hi is speciell

a big vild hog has walked here god for us bouth we didnt get closer

lunchtime what do you have in there ..they are all 9 here

Irre is on top of all hens she disides everything and makes gren eggs so nice

see blackie is bigger than hes mum now ;O)

lillany is so nice and shoul alwas talk extra to me she has a speciell woice

here is peppino the rooster that almoust died for me and he was light as a feather ,,but today hi is a big and beutiful cock

I hope he will be okey with the new ones and that they wount hit him ;O)

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